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    Big Move – Big Change

    Big Move - Big Change

    In the next few days we will be moving our offices down the street to a new location in Broomall. There are a number of reasons for our move to new offices. This change will allow us great potential for growth and make it much easier to serve you. Our new address is; 200 Lawrence Road Suite 100 Broomall, PA 19008 The rest of our contact info will remain the same during this transition. Phones: The phone system is being moved Thursday and some interruptions are expected over the next few days. If you are only getting our voicemail, please leave a message and I will get [Read more...]

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    Court Caused Suspension Delay – Relief Proposed

    Court Caused Suspension Delay - Relief Proposed

    Due to delay issues caused by the York County Court system there may be relief on the horizon for anyone convicted of minor drug charges.

    From the York Dispatch:

    York County Clerk of Courts Don O'Shell said he was called recently by state Rep. Stan Saylor, R-Windsor Township, who is majority whip.

    Saylor said he was looking into introducing legislation that would allow the affected defendants to obtain what's known as a "bread and butter" license, which would allow them to drive to and from work, according to O'Shell. He said he thinks that would be in the interests of justice.

    I don't believe [Read more...]

    Let’s Talk Suspension Segments

    Let's Talk Suspension Segments

    A suspension segment is the time a license is first suspended to the time a license is restored. seg·ment noun ˈsegmənt/ 1. each of the parts into which something is or may be divided. The reason this term use frequently by PennDOT is important has to do with limited license eligibility. There are a number of violations that, if recorded on your record during a current suspension segment, will disqualify you from a limited work license. For example a conviction for reckless driving is a major violation and results in six months of license suspension. If there is a reckless driving on your driving record that started [Read more...]

    Can I Fight My License Suspension For A Drug Case?

    Can I Fight My License Suspension For A Drug Case?

    For a number of years the City of Philadelphia neglected to report convictions for drug cases to PennDOT, negating the ability for the department to suspend their drivers license. Those convicted in Philly should have served anywhere from 6 months to two years if PennDOT were properly notified. If you got a drug charge in the past that is now about to suspend your driver's license, call us to help fight this delayed suspension. In 2012, at least 11,499 people should have been reported, according to court records. Only four were. Last year, at least 11,246 people should have been reported. [Read more...]

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    Funny Driver’s License Photo

    Funny Driver's License Photo

    You only get one shot at a great driver's license photo...better make it good!               [Read more...]

    Uber Driver Service Approved for PA

    Uber Driver Service Approved for PA

    The much heralded car service Uber has been approved by the Public Utility Commission (PUC) to operate throughout Pennsylvania...except in Philadelphia. The service that matches drivers with riders willing to pay can be ordered through your phone or online. Rates, vehicles, pickup and destination are all negotiated within the app. The driver then picks you up in their vehicle and drives you to your destination...with no cash changing hands...all paid online. For its part the PUC confirmed the requirements of valid driver's license with proper insurance, background checks, and vehicle checks. Both Uber and the PUC are vested in ensuring a safe [Read more...]

    Philly to Legalize Marijuana – Think Again

    Philly to Legalize Marijuana - Think Again

    The news has been buzzing about how Philadelphia has passed legislation to legalize small amounts of marijuana by drastically reducing the criminal penalty, eliminating jail time, and setting fines to start around $25. It is now expected that Mayor Nutter will sign the bill shortly. As stated in the article by Chris Hepp, Inquirer Staff Writer Ramsey said Monday that he has been assured by the city's law department that the city has the ability to enact its own statute treating possession of marijuana as a noncriminal offense. Possession remains a criminal offense under state law. The BIG problem is Philadelphia can not [Read more...]