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Back To School

September marks the beginning of a new school year for most of Pennsylvania, so it is time to be aware that buses, school zones, and children will be active during the normal morning and afternoon times. School zones have reduced … Continue reading

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City changes signs then tickets cars parked legally prior to sign swap.

Parking tickets are a pain, but when you do everything to avoid getting a ticket, but the city changes the rules on you moments after you park, is that really fair? City issues parking ticket after changing signs  

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Pennsylvania State Police Suspend The Use Of Breathalyzer for DUI Charges

Because of a ruling in Dauphin County, the¬†breathalyzer¬†will not be used by the PA State Police for now. A judge in Dauphin County recently tossed out several DUI cases after learning that the manufacturer of a widely used breathalyzer – … Continue reading

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Police Using New Technology To Catch Wanted Drivers

In NJ new technology can help find wanted individuals by automatically scanning license plates and instantly looking up records. This technology is already available in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to enforce parking violations. License Plates are run through driving record and … Continue reading

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