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Avoid The Suspension Snowball

How to avoid the “Suspension Snowball” Stay Out Front – Check your driving record regularly. Requesting a driving record from PennDOT on a regular basis will help avoid errors or allow you to correct them much faster…before they turn into major … Continue reading

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Over 4 Years Suspension Credit Saved

This person (J) came to us after being suspended since 1994 and suffered through a lot of confusing notices, conflicting information, and overall frustration. J eventually gave up and ignored everything due to the frustration of being told of no … Continue reading

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Suspension Snowball

The “Suspension Snowball” What if a construction worker were to have their hammer and screwdriver taken by the government because of a minor debt? Or an electrician who owes money had to turn in his multimeter as a penalty. These just … Continue reading

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