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Pennsylvania Police Using Traffic Stops To Review Immigration Status

Traffic stops become immigration stops in Delaware Valley Newsworks Article Benjamin can’t get a driver’s license because he arrived in the country illegally eleven years ago. A state trooper marked an “X” on his windshield and directed him to a … Continue reading

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City changes signs then tickets cars parked legally prior to sign swap.

Parking tickets are a pain, but when you do everything to avoid getting a ticket, but the city changes the rules on you moments after you park, is that really fair? City issues parking ticket after changing signs  

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Parking Tickets in Philly Do Not Cause License Suspension

If you are facing a license suspension we need to find out what caused the license suspension, and there are many reasons why a license can be suspended. Please remember that Parking Tickets will never cause a suspension of your Pennsylvania drivers license. … Continue reading

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Woman Hit With Traffic Ticket For Car She Sold Months Ago

Even after selling her car to CarMax a California woman was issued a ticket for running a toll booth on the highway. She did the right thing and reported it to the DMV but CarMax fought the ticket and it ended up … Continue reading

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