License Restoration Services, Inc. - Helping Pennsylvania's Suspended Drivers


All new License Restoration clients must download and submit forms 1, 2, and 3.

  1. Authorization for Release
    Please complete sections (A) and (C).
  2. Request for Driver Info – DL-503
    Please complete sections (C) and (E).
  3. License Restoration Rep
    Please complete all information.
  4. Credit Card/Debit Card
    For payment by fax or mail.
  5. Acknowledgment of Suspension – DL-16LC
    If requested.
  6. Form DL-80
    Non-Commercial Driver’s License – Change or Correction Form
  7. Form DL-54A
    Application for Non Driver Photo ID Card
  8. Form DL-54B
    Application for Renewal or Change of Non Driver Photo ID Card
  9. Form DL-143
    Renewal of Non Commercial Driver’s License Form
  10. Form MV-63
    Change of Address for PennDOT Records
  11. Form DL-17
    Statement of Non-Ownership of Vehicles