Helping Drivers

Some of our success stories about helping drivers in Pennsylvania
Here are just some of our success stories about helping drivers in Pennsylvania. We have been working with drivers license issues for years, and we have helped thousands with license suspension issues just like these!

Delay – Delay – Delay – PennDOT must wipe away suspension if delayed.

Years after “Q” had cleaned up his act following the suspension of his PA license, he got a notice that his license was about to be suspended for over 15 months. We got the suspension tossed.

Almost 5 Years of Suspension Wiped Away in Less Than a Month

“C” had his license suspended for a number of violations and we were able to have the record recalculated to save almost 5 years of license suspension and have “C” immediately restored.

PennDOT Reported License Suspended For 8 Years – We Reduced It!

Client “B” came to see us in November and has his suspension time reduced by 8 years exactly one month later. All of B’s suspension issues were from 7+ years prior and he should be driving legally shortly.

Saved 2 years of drivers license suspension in 2 months

Pennsylvania drivers license suspension restored early and got his license back. Saved him over 2 years of suspension time in PA by getting back credit.

Saved 6 Years of Suspension in a Week

We helped this gentleman by saving him over 6 years of suspension time and it took us a week! You can see by his Restoration Requirements letter that his eligibility date was October 2016 and a week later we had it corrected to October 2010. Even after being told by PennDOT and state representatives “nothing can be done”, our expertise got him driving again quickly and legally!

License Suspension for Underage Drinking

In the summer of 1995 a young lady got a ticket for underage drinking. She never said anything to her parents and paid the citation. She was busted three more times for drinking under the age of 21. A few years later when she was about to graduate college she decided to apply for her license.

License Suspensions Still in Effect Years Later

A gentleman called us thinking he had no options. He had his license suspended almost 18 years ago and didn’t know he was getting into such a big hole. He got a ticket for speeding that was lost when he moved. He never heard from that court again and forgot about the citation.
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