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Our history and team
License Restoration Services stops the Suspension Snowball through services that are customized to your specific situation and through individual education and driver advocacy. We frequently speak on best practices and contribute material to the media, in workshop settings, and online. We stay aware of legislative proceedings and advocate for Pennsylvania drivers. License Restoration Services goals are for our clients to feel reassured, supported and confident back on the road and on with their lives.

Vincent DiAngelus


For over 22 years I have been helping Pennsylvania residents who have issues with driver’s license suspensions including working with PennDOT to fix driver’s license matters and create good public policy.

In the course of helping PA residents I have learned about PennDOT policy and our state driver’s license system to know that residents need help to navigate some complex issues. Understanding PennDOT and their policies regarding licensing makes a big difference in quick resolutions and prevents long, drawn out, often complicated license suspension.

I am an independent paralegal who specializes in Title 75 (Transportation and Drivers License) and I work directly with residents and for attorneys throughout Pennsylvania. As an independent paralegal I’ve helped thousands correct problems with their driver’s license and get back to being productive and licensed members of society. I believe that keeping the options for legal transportation for residents who have been trapped in the “suspension snowball” should be a priority.

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