Testimonials straight from our satisfied license restoration clients

License Restoration Services“ I just want to thank you for all your help in getting our son’s license issued in such quick turnaround!! We got his new license today and he has a full time job starting tomorrow!

Yahoo!!! Your company rocks!!!”

– Richard L.

License Restoration Services“Thank you, thank you, thank you. My license was suspended due to a ticket in another state that I had gotten when I was in the Marine Corps. I had no clue what to do or how to even tackle the situation. While looking for resolutions, I stumbled onto License Restoration Services. So I decided to give them a try. They were awesome, Bonnie was awesome and reassuring anytime I called in. Always updating me. Now after a couple months. I’m back on the road thanks to them. Thank you.”

– Luis P.

License Restoration Services“I’d personally like to thank Vince, Bonnie and Carmen for aggressively pursuing to have my driver’s license reinstated after 40+ years of not having one. At 62 years of age, I all but gave up hope of ever having a driver’s license. I am very grateful and thankful…I appreciate your help so very much. You folks are the BEST…I highly and absolutely recommend License Restoration Inc. for anyone who has a driver’s license problem NO matter how bad the situation…friendly and courteous professional team…GREAT PLACE…Great Folks…”

– Darrell C.

License Restoration Services“Thank you for all you did for me. Attached please find the information I received from PennDot through the mail. I went to the Minnesota DMV yesterday and they told me PA and NY are all clear which is what originally prompted me to reach out to you… I could not believe I could restore my PA license without coming back to PA, you guys are the best.”

– Ahmed J.

License Restoration Services“Great place, always communicated well. They were very helpful. I’ve reached out to Bonnie several times since and she never leaves me hanging. A+ service! If you get in a pinch give them a call.”

– Kyle H.

License Restoration Services“This company is the BEST!!! When I first went to License Restoration for help, I was totally frustrated about not getting anywhere with the DMV.

The people here took all the pressure and frustration off of me and didn’t stop working on it until everything was taken care of. I highly recommend this company for any and all license problems.”

– Bob M.

License Restoration Services“I cannot thank the team at License Restoration Services enough for all the help getting my license back after 30 years. Bonnie, Vince and every one else there… thank you from the bottom of my heart. You always answer phone calls, emails and with such pleasure, no matter how big of a pain in the butt I was. You guys were always there with an answer. Thank you. P.S. You guys rock!” – Gerry M.

License Restoration Services“These people turned a nightmare into a nice easy smooth process they were always there for my questions! There is always gonna be bumps in the road with this process but my experience was through the beginning stages of the Covid problem to make matters worse and they still worked hard to help me at all cost! Definitely appreciate them very much! Thank you.” – James B.

License Restoration Services“Vincent DiAngelus was absolutely amazing to work with. I will admit I was a little skeptical at first, but I read the reviews and spoke with him on the phone and decided to take a chance a trust him with this process. My husband had been without a license for over 5 years for a speeding ticket that was paid late and a lost license that he was unable to physically send in so PennDot kept telling him his one year suspension never started. The nightmare of dealing with the PA department of transportation is enough to make anyone insane. But thanks to Vince after 24 hours of working with him and my husband already has his license back. Seriously, do not hesitate to reach out to him for whatever issues you may have with license suspension issues in PA. I highly recommend their services and I cannot personally thank Vince and his staff enough.​” – Tanya W.

Suspended PA License Restored: Tom S.

License Restoration Services“Awesome team. Straight forward. No build up for let downs. Told me how it was. Handled everything for me remotely. Did follow ups promptly and professionally. Very impressed, would definitely recommend to others. Superlative.” – Karl B.

License Restoration Services“These guys helped me so much! The interaction over the phone was incredibly friendly; they were incredibly responsive to all of my questions, and solved my problem very quickly. I am forever thankful for the help they gave me and the friendly attitude that they gave it with. I recommend using this service 100%!” – Khalid H.

License Restoration Services“I absolutely would give them more 🌟 if I could I had a pretty complicated suspension situation and was supposed to receive my license back in early May but received a letter from PennDOT saying I had to wait 9 months Vince and his wonderful crew contacted PennDOT on my behalf and I was back on the road in 8 days amazing thanks so much I would recommend this service to anyone” – Kerry M.

License Restoration Services“From start to finish this company hands down are the best in the industry. Vince got me my driver’s license after being denied 3 times by dot. I highly recommend this company!!” – Eddie K.

License Restoration Services“Cannot thank Vince and his team for everything they did!

My old license was expiring, when I went to the DMV to obtain an updated license, they told me I had a hold on my license in PA for a violation that occurred 8 years ago. This violation would’ve have required me to have my license suspended for 3 months. Being that I drive for my job, this simply wasn’t an option!

Running out of options, and my license expiration date coming near, I discovered Vince and his team’s website and contacted them. The experience was incredible! They assured me they were able to help me with my issue. 1 week later Vince had everything cleared up, and I was able to obtain my new license!

DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE ISSUES YOURSELF! Contact Vince and his team and let them take care of everything! Thanks again!” – James L.

License Restoration Services“This service is worth it and Vincent DiAngelus is the one to go with for the best results. Mr. Vincent DiAngelus has exceeded my expectations!! I hired Vincent and went from be eligible to dive in 2025 to driving in 2020. I was always treated with respect, calls were always taken personally and immediately and all of my questions were answered. I was driving without a license for a long time and considered hiring a lawyer but put it off because of the cost. Putting it off has cost me money, jail time and loss of license for longer. I wish I would’ve hired him a long time ago Bc it didn’t actually cost as much as I expected. I also didn’t have to go to any hearings which was convenient.” – Vanessa F.

License Restoration Services“I just wanted to thank you and your team for all the help you have provided me. I got the best turn out possible! If I ever get into a sticky situation again, you will be the first people to call. Thank you again.” – Jake P.

License Restoration Services“I wanted to take a moment to thank Vince and his team (most especially, Bonnie!) at License Restoration Services for helping me to successfully get back on the road. My case was very complicated (multiple DUIs and currently living in another state) – it took almost a year and a half to get it all squared away but I NEVER could have done this by myself – especially being a resident of another state! Bonnie hung in there with me, tackling each and every roadblock we encountered. With multiple DUIs there was also a prison record to contend with, which carries a real stigma and plenty of shame – but Bonnie always treated me with such kindness and respect. That meant so much to me! I cannot really put into words how very grateful I am to have my driving privilege restored – and the fees I paid Vince and his team were incredibly reasonable considering my awesome outcome! Hire these folks! They get the job done! They were a blessing in my life and helped me close this painful chapter successfully!” – Name Withheld by Request

Vince expresses his appreciation for License Restoration Services

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