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Drivers License Suspensions

Many Pennsylvania drivers do not know that you have certain rights if your license is suspended. You may not be aware that in Pennsylvania you have the right to apply for a limited “work” license called either an Occupational License, OLL for short, or a Probationary License, called PL for short.  Both limited license types allow you to remain working and continue to earn a living or further your education by continuing to attend school. So, under some conditions, you may be eligible to drive legally even though you have a driver’s license suspension.

  • You also may have the right to appeal convictions that resulted in driver’s license suspension, even if the convictions occurred many years ago. Those late appeals are called Nunc Pro Tunc appeals, and in the right situation can help to remove years of suspension time from your driving record.

  • Pennsylvania drivers with a license suspension may also have their records reviewed and corrected by the Department of Transportation through Administrative Hearings and this hearing may also be used to demand creditPA drivers license suspended photo ID for suspension time that has not been given credit when circumstances permit. The administrative hearing can result in restoration of your driving privilege when done properly, but it can also be a very complicated and frustrating process if not handled properly.
  • Some out-of-state drivers are discovering that your home state drivers licenses are being suspended or recalled because of suspensions or old tickets in Pennsylvania.  There could be  NDR (National Driver Registry) notations of suspension for those out-of-state violations. Getting these suspension holds removed from your record to allow your out-of-state driver’s license to be restored in your home state is complex because your home state will need to retrieve the clearance notice from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

  • Some senior (and not so senior) citizens are being notified that their operating privileges are being recalled because of medical conditions reported by doctors throughout the state. If you are a Pennsylvania resident, and you were notified of a recall because of a doctors report, you too have the right to appeal these decisions and keep your drivers license if you feel you remain a safe driver.

  • Several recent clients we have helped have encountered some of the above problems. For example, a former Pennsylvania resident now living in Virginia could not secure a Virginia license because his Pennsylvania driving privileges were suspended as a result of convictions for traffic violations from years earlier. We were able to have this client’s suspensions overturned and record corrected. His Pennsylvania privileges were restored and he was able to secure a Virginia license, all done without him having to leave Virginia and coming to PA.

Another frequent problem you may encounter in Pennsylvania is being required by employment, family, and life to continue driving, even if your  license is suspended by PennDOT. You have to drive for work and to support your family and have no other choice but to continue driving with a license suspension. Through the process of petitions, hearings, back credit, and corrections, we are able to have suspensions removed or reduced, thus enabling suspended clients to secure a work license or a full license so they can drive legally again. You need to Contact License Restoration Services if you find yourself in this situation with a license suspension or other PA driver’s license related problem.

For those individuals who are suspended or revoked for more than five years, we can possibly make you eligible for a Probationary License. The PL is also a restricted license but is more liberal in application and restriction that the OLL. Research and investigation has to be done in order to determine eligibility for both types of restricted licenses.

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