License Restoration Services, Inc. - Helping Pennsylvania's Suspended Drivers
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All new License Restoration clients must download and submit forms 1, 2, and 3.

  1. Authorization for Release
    Please complete sections (A) and (C).
  2. Request for Driver Info – DL-503
    Please complete sections (C) and (E).
  3. License Restoration Rep
    Please complete all information.
  4. Credit Card/Debit Card
    For payment by fax or mail.
  5. Acknowledgment of Suspension – DL-16LC
    If requested.
  6. Form DL-80
    Non-Commercial Driver’s License – Change or Correction Form
  7. Form DL-54A
    Application for Non Driver Photo ID Card
  8. Form DL-54B
    Application for Renewal or Change of Non Driver Photo ID Card
  9. Form DL-143
    Renewal of Non Commercial Driver’s License Form
  10. Form MV-63
    Change of Address for PennDOT Records
  11. Form DL-17
    Statement of Non-Ownership of Vehicles