A few years ago, Pennsylvania created the Ignition Interlock Limited License. This restricted Interlock Limited License is a driver’s license issued to a driver whose operating privilege is suspended or revoked for one or more DUIs or chemical test refusals. This limited license will allow a suspended driver to regain driving privileges for a portion of their suspension with the enhanced supervision the interlock system brings.

Generally, there is a minimum term of suspension that must be served before being granted the Ignition Interlock Limited License. This Interlock License differs from the standard Ignition Interlock license you would get once all suspension time has been completed with court requirements and fines/fees satisfied.

A few key points about the PA Ignition Interlock Limited License;

  • You may qualify for this license once at least 1/2 of your suspension time has been served.
  • You must have the Interlock System installed in at least one vehicle prior to application.
  • You will be required to maintain and calibrate the interlock system Monthly.
  • The application can take 14 to 20 business days.
  • You may not drive for any rideshare service during this program.
  • There are no restrictions to the time of travel or reason for travel.
  • You may be stopped at any time to check for compliance.
  • A report will be provided to PennDOT at the end o the program to certify compliance.

The Ignition Interlock Limited License application.

The application for the Ignition Interlock Limited License can get tricky. It does require you to install the interlock system in your vehicle prior to submitting the application, and this can feel wrong if you are not positive you are eligible for this restricted license. Our team will ensure eligibility before assisting you through installation and license application.

Your chosen interlock vendor will help decide the best for your vehicle and install location. You will visit these install centers regularly to calibrate and maintain the installed interlock system.

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