Pennsylvania DUI Citations

DUI in Pennsylvania is a very serious problem. Please contact our office for more information on how we might be able to get you driving again after a suspension for DUI, or prevent a suspension at all!

Most of the time you might think that your DUI related suspended license is a lost cause, but there could be relief for a DUI suspension. Under certian situations you could be able to continue driving for work, school, or medical purposes with a limited license.

If your DUI is old, and you have not had your suspended license restored, there may be problems with your suspension time. these problems are typically related to one of a number of issues that we regularly see.

  1. Credit Time – did you acknowledge your suspension?
  2. Completing your court ordered treatment program (Act 122)
  3. Completing your assigned jail time (Act 151)
  4. Improperly calculated suspension time.
  5. Paperwork not forwarded to PennDOT properly.
  6. Habitual offender status (for 3rd major violation resulting in 5 year revocation)

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