Scheduling a PennDOT Administrative Hearing for Your Driver’s License Suspension

With the help of License Restoration Services, you can schedule Administrative Hearings to appeal decisions regarding your Pennsylvania driver’s license. We have lawyers ready to represent you, and make it our goal to ensure the appeal process goes smoothly.

What we do for you:

  1. Obtain an experienced lawyer for you
  2. Schedule the hearing
  3. Ensure that all proper guidelines are followed
  4. Prepare all paperwork with the proper requirements
  5. Handle all filings and procedures prior to the hearing
  6. Submit any fees required to have the hearing
  7. Ensure that the request is filed with the state in a timely, efficient manner

Scheduling an Administrative Hearing is complex. It requires precise deadlines and proper paperwork. If you fall into one of the reasons outlined below, contact License Restoration Services immediately to begin the process.

Reasons we will request and schedule a hearing

License Restoration Services can schedule a hearing for any of the following reasons:

  1. To appeal the denial or recall of an Occupational Limited License (OLL)
  2. To appeal the cancellation, denial, or recall of a Probationary License
  3. To appeal the denial of an economic hardship exemption of the ignition interlock requirements
  4. To request credit toward serving a driver’s license suspension or revocation
  5. To request a record review for the purposes of updating your record

We cannot request a hearing for the following reasons:

  1. To determine the validity of a suspension/revocation
  2. To make a correction or adjustment to a driving record
  3. To reduce a suspension or revocation period

To request a hearing, contact us at 610-355-9600. We’ll make the process simple and convenient for you.

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