Work Licenses (also known as Occupational License, Bread and Butter License, Limited License)

Bread and Butter License

If you have a suspended or restricted license, one of the ways in which License Restoration Services can provide you with a way to drive is through the Occupational Limited License (OLL). Take a look at the limited license information below, or contact us to see if you qualify. Either way, once we know your situation, we can begin the process, and make sure you get back behind the wheel legally.


An Occupational Limited License is granted to Pennsylvania residents with a suspended driver’s license who need to continue to driver for Work, School, or medically necessary reasons. Under Pennsylvania driver license laws, you can have access to limited driving privileges under certain circumstances when:

  1. You need to get to work
  2. You need medical treatment
  3. You need to get to school (college, high school etc.)

Each of the reasons listed above carry certain restrictions and applying for the OLL has challenges. Our goal is to make the OLL application go as smoothly and quickly as possible to allow you to drive through your daily challenges.

Offenses that qualify for an OLL

  1. Suspended licenses. You may be able to obtain an OLL if the reason for your suspension was due to:
    • An unpaid citation
    • An unpaid judgment
    • Failure to attend a departmental hearing
    • Failure to undergo a Special Point Examination
  2. DUI’s. The OLL is no longer an option after a DUI.
  3. Underage alcohol offenses. First time offenders may be eligible for an OLL.
  4. Refusing to submit to chemical testing or 2nd DUI charge. DUI and Chemical Test Refusal no longer allow for the OLL (SEE Ignition Interlock Limited License)
  5. Suspended commercial driver’s license (CDL). You qualify for a non-commerical driver’s license only.
  6. Indefinite Suspension. These suspension issues can be tricky, and should not be taken lightly. Paying a old ticket can result in new suspension time be added to your drivers license as well as making you ineligible for a work license.

Get your OLL!

Contact License Restoration Services Inc. right away! Click “Contact Us” on the left side of the screen for a phone number or our contact form. We will get the process started, take care of all the details, and let you know your options.

In addition if you have other limited license requirements including getting an Ignition Interlock probationary license, or ignition interlock learners permit, License Restoration Services can help with the process of getting these drivers license types completed.

Once you obtain your OLL

If you qualify, you will receive an OLL camera card to obtain a photo OLL. The OLL will be valid through the length of your suspension. If you are denied an OLL, we can take additional action, so don’t give up hope! License Restoration Services knows how important your drivers license is to you and your family, and we will do everything we can to make sure you are granted a limited drivers license.

Note. You can obtain one OLL every five years.

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