If you’ve had a DUI in Pennsylvania, you may be eligible to reduce your suspension time by installing an interlock system in your vehicle due to the Ignition Interlock Limited License, or IILL. Please keep in mind that PennDOT has a policy that they will not confirm eligibility prior to you making an application, and you need to have the system installed before you can apply for the limited license. This means you may want to consult with us prior to installing or applying to save you time and money. Some vendors of interlock devices are using PennDOT logos and tricky language in their advertising to get you to install their device when you may not actually be eligible, so be aware of who you’re dealing with at all times.

Here is our rundown of five PA interlock vendors, with comparisons for each. We do not include pricing information for each interlock installer, because the cost of the installation and monthly lease of the device varies greatly depending on the type of vehicle you have, the year it was made, and the length of time you plan on having the device installed.

Smart Start

Smart Start SSI-20/30 Ignition Interlock DeviceThis company provides a small device that is very easy to install in your vehicle. Smart Start has over a thousand installation centers across the country to make the installation process fast and easy. The product doesn’t give false positives and has state-of-the-art fuel technology. Prices for this device are also competitive for the market, and the company website provides quotes for your vehicle. The product comes with a keypad to remotely unlock your device if you happen to miss an appointment. The company offers two models, the SSI-20/20 and the SSI-20/30. Both of these are good choices, but the SSI-20/30 has a better user interface that’s much easier to read. The Smart Start company also delivers great customer support for their clients, which has earned them thousands of positive reviews.

Intoxalock Interlock Device


Intoxalock offers a few different products to meet your needs. The most basic product is the Legacy model, which is affordable and dependable. It can be used in states where you don’t need a camera for check ins. The eLert model comes with a built-in camera and a GPS, and has the ability to be reset remotely. They also offer an eLert24 product that gives you access to 24-hour monitoring, which some states require you to have. Installation prices for this device range from $70-$100. Monthly leases cost between $60-$90. The Intoxalock also offers strong customer service.

Draeger Interlock 7000 Interlock DeviceDraeger Interlock® 7000

Draeger Interlock® 7000 is very user friendly and extremely fast. Unlike some devices that take up to three minutes, Draeger Interlock® 7000 can get you on your way in just 10 seconds. It also guides you through every step as you provide your breath samples. This compact device comes with an intelligent camera and is incredibly accurate–it can even tell the difference between alcohol and mouthwash. Draeger has a long history of providing safety technology, and they’ve been manufacturing interlock ignitions for over 20 years.

Guardian Interlock

Guardian Interlock Device

The Guardian Interlock device is a very reliable product in the industry. It uses very accurate sensors to make sure that your blood alcohol content is always low enough for you to safely drive your vehicle. This product isn’t affected by high altitudes and takes very little time to warm up during cold weather. The Guardian Interlock also comes equipped with USB compatibility so that you can keep track of all your upcoming appointments. This interlock ignition also has a removable handset that you can use to prevent the theft of your vehicle.

Lifesafer Interlock DeviceLifeSafer

This device has many great features to serve your needs during your time with an Ignition Interlock Limited License. It has a camera for customers that are required to have one, and also comes equipped with a built-in memory chip. This logs the events after each time the device is used and makes sure that you’re in line with the proper regulations. LifeSafer has been involved with interlock technology since 1991, and has worked with lawmakers to push for the adoption of these devices.

Important Pennsylvania Legal Notes

Following a law change in 2016, it is possible for some individuals to get an Ignition Interlock Limited License. Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for them after receiving their DUI charge. To apply for one, you’ll first need to fill out the Ignition Interlock Limited License Petition, PennDOT form DL-9108. You’ll also need to have the interlock device installed on your vehicle before submitting the form, which often comes with an installation fee. PennDOT will then let you know whether or not you qualify. It’s also important to note that if you were convicted in Alleghany or Dauphin County, you have to have your device installed at their specific interlock installation centers. Alleghany Interlock Installation Services can be reached at (412) 931-6107 and Dauphin Interlock Installation can be reached at (717) 780-6907.

In any case, if you believe you are eligible or want to review options before applying for this or any other limited license, please give us a call or email and we can discuss more specific options.

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