Restoration Requirements Letter from PennDOT

The Restoration Requirements Letter is the PennDOT overview of the issues concerning your driver’s license. We request this letter prior to any work we do to correct issues, reduce suspension time, or request a limited license that allows you to drive during this suspension time. The letter is laid out the same way every time, with sections that may or may not be present based on the issues pertaining to your specific driving record. You should read each section carefully to ensure nothing is missed or your suspension may never be resolved. We will look at each section in detail.

This letter can be instantly requested HERE. This is a FREE service provided by PennDOT.

The Requirements Letter Header

Restoration Requirements Header

This section will give you the print date, name & address, license number, date of birth, and might possibly show your Eligibility Date. If no Eligibility Date is listed, you can find out more by reading further into your restoration letter.

First Paragraph

This paragraph has the title of the document – Restoration Requirements Letter – in the first sentence. Otherwise, this paragraph is the same on every Restoration Letter I have seen in my 18+ years of working with drivers with little to no change over those years.

PennDOT Restoration Requirements Paragraph

Restoration Fee

Although this fee can change yearly, it will always be required before you are able to restore or be issued a limited license. You may pay this fee at any time prior to restoring your license. Paying this fee does NOT mean your license is restored or will be restored. This Restoration Fee was recently set to increase based on the CPI (Consumer Price Index). Get more information regarding your PennDOT Restoration Fee.

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Indefinite Suspension

These little sections of information are some of the most confusing in the report. These sections outline the courts and issues that will keep your license suspended forever…until you do something to them. Learn more about indefinite suspensions.

Reasons for indefinite suspensions can vary from simple forgotten traffic tickets to judgments and even missed points exams from PennDOT. Some of these indefinite suspensions listed on this Restoration Requirements Letter can cause more trouble if handled improperly…and some action may even add more Term Suspension time to your record…even if the reason is very old. Please note it is never stated to just PAY the court to get them resolved and lifted from the Restoration Letter. Paying is often times the worst way to handle these old issues and we should closely review these issues to find the best way to handle them.

Another confusing part of the Indefinite Suspension section on the report is the amount owed dollar amount. A lot of times these numbers are not correct. PennDOT relies on information from the court and the court may not have a set amount or the total may change over time. Even if you see an amount of ZERO ($0) this is not correct and you should contact the court listed for the true amount owed.

Term Suspension

This entire section gives us some important information regarding the nature of the suspension. This section will explain how long your time should be running, when and if credit started for the term of suspension, and when the suspension should end. Read this paragraph carefully as it can be confusing to try to skim the writing for just details.

ACT 122 Court Ordered Treatment Program or ACT 151 Prison Release Requirements

This section outlines a number of issues that resulted from a DUI conviction. There are a series of steps you were required to complete and each of these steps, once completed, would result in a notification being sent to PennDOT. We see ACT 122 or ACT 151 issues that have caused suspensions for well over 10 years – only to need a little work to get cleared. Often they are leftover on your Restoration Letter after your PO or the court did not take a necessary step. In any case, they can cause issues and prevent you from ever getting your license returned.

Mismatched Dates and incorrect term suspensions;

We see a large amount of Restoration Requirement Letters with dates that don’t line up. When you see a term suspension for one year and the start date is 18 months before the end date – something is wrong! It often only takes reaching out to the right person within the DOT to have issues like this corrected. It’s not always easy, but it needs to be fixed! It is not fair to make a suspension go on a moment longer than required by law.

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