Indefinite Suspension

If your drivers license is suspended and you have a series of indefinite suspension notations on your license, it means you must respond to each of the courts or agencies where you have outstanding tickets, money owed, or a needed reply.

Old Tickets and Citations

You do not want to just pay a court or agency money to make a ticket go away, this can result in more suspension time being added to your suspended license, and possibly greater penalties on your drivers license.

License Restoration Services has been researching these indefinite suspensions for our clients for years. License Restoration Services can take the hassle out of getting all the facts and present you with a list of each option. During our initial investigation we will get these details for your review, and can offer direction on where to go next.

Traffic Citation

  • Research is the only way to find out how to handle these tickets. It is possible to pay the ticket to have PennDOT lift the indefinite suspension (although you should not pay a ticket without knowing if it will result in more license suspension), or you could request a hearing and enter a plea of “not guilty” and the indefinite suspension can be removed right away. There is also the possibility of having very old citations removed without paying or requesting a hearing.
  • Notify PennDOT of the satisfaction of your indefinite suspension. Not only do you need to take some action with the court or agency that has requested PennDOT indefinitely suspend your license, you need to make PennDOT aware that you have cleared your indefinite suspension once you have done so.
  • Pay your restoration Fee to PennDOT

Act 122 – Court Ordered Treatment Program

  • This can cover a lot of different issues that need to be resolved. From classes or evaluations to fines and fees.
  • Starting with your Probation Officer and working with the court you can get what they need to report this as “CLEAR” to PennDOT.

Medical Recall

  • A medical recall is another type of indefinite suspension that could appear on your driver record. This type of indefinite suspension is due to a medical professional notifying PennDOT that you are unfit to operate a motor vehicle safely. To remove this type of indefinite suspension it will require a medical professional. This medical professional will have to complete forms that have been provided by the medical unit in Harrisburg.
  • Contact the Medical Recall Unit for PennDOT at 717-787-9662
    Indefinite Recall suspension phone number PennDOT

Points Exam

  • You were required to take a special points exam. This is a quick test of your knowledge of the road rules. Once this exam has been completed the indefinite suspension will be lifted, but this may be replaced by a term suspension.
  • You can schedule your Points Exam with PennDOT by calling 1-800-932-4600


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