The Driver’s License Restoration Fees in Pennsylvania have gone up again in 2017.

With a fee ranging from $73 to over $100 and even up to $500 in some cases related to DUI charges…the new restoration fees are still required before you can be restored. The Restoration Fee may be paid at any time prior to restoration of your driver’s license. In addition, the limited license programs in Pennsylvania that allow you to drive during the remainder of your suspension require you satisfy your restoration fee as one step to be accepted into the program.

This is a Restoration Fee entry from a Restoration Requirements Letter as issued by PennDOT

The Restoration Fee is easily adjusted.

This amount may now be changed regularly by PennDOT based on cost of living and other factors. Always check your PA Restoration Requirements Letter to be sure your total Restoration Fee. You should also note that paying of the restoration fee does not satisfy the requirement to acknowledge your suspension to PennDOT to start the time counting toward your suspension.

Large US bills flying through the air

Other Options For Restoration

Please remember that a restoration fee being owed is often a sign of more issues that could prevent you from getting your driver’s license restored. We should take a much closer look to see what can be done to remove the other requirements for restoration.

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