Pennsylvania Act 122

The dreaded Act 122 hold on a driver’s license can be a bit confusing. In the simplest form, the Act 122 hold covers everything the court required you complete after being convicted…including drug & alcohol assessment, highway safety courses, and those costs and fees set by the court. The most shocking part I hear from my clients is that the court in most cases will not notify PennDOT to release this hold until the costs and fees have been paid.

Why It’s A Problem

I have heard from many people believing everything was completed and they did not understand why their license was still being suspended. It turns out that money was due and the court refuses to lift the Act 122 hold until those funds are paid. There are a few steps we can take to get relief in cases like this and it may be possible to qualify for a limited license to make it possible to complete paying these fines and fees to the court.

How to Correct It

This Act 122 hold will only appear on your Restoration Requirement Letter and NOT on your Full Driver History. This means only reviewing a Driver Record will not show why your license is suspended. Below is an image of what the Act 122 paragraph will look like on your Restoration Letter;

Section of Restoration Requirements Letter with Act 122 hold

This paragraph will give you an outline of what county has the hold with a case number the hold is related to. The Act 122 hold paragraph suggest you contact your Probation Officer, and this is a good starting point. Even if you were never required to meet with a Probation Officer, the probation office holds the key to getting this hold removed from your Restoration Letter.

Your probation office may refer you to the Cleark of Courts or another court office in your county who will get the required signatures and submit the form to PennDOT once all requirements have been met.

PA Suspended Drivers - Suspension Snowball