When you find out you have an Act 122 Court Ordered Treatment Program requirement in order to restore your license, there are a few things you need to know to get this cleared as quickly as possible.

As always – License Restoration Servies is here to help you get through this as fast and easy as possible. Please contact us for more information on costs and work involved for us to handle clearing the Act 122 Court Ordered Treatment Program and associated issues.

Restoration Requirements Letter

It is important to remember that the ACT 122 notation on your Restoration Requirement Letter is an umbrella for a number of issues the court requires you to clear before release from a PennDOT suspension. These issues could be actual treatments or classes and may include fines and fees owed to the court.

Your Restoration Requirements Letter is the first step to determine what PennDOT wants to have your license restored. This outline of steps may list a number of issues including the Act 122 and you should get help to understand what PennDOT is looking for and how to clear each item quickly and easily. You must carefully work on each item as there are some steps you can take that will hurt by adding additional suspension time

The Probation Office

If you choose to not hire us to help your first step should be to contact the Probation Office in the county where your DUI occurred. Even if your DUI is very old the Probation Office should have a record of what is owed to have this hold cleared. They may tell you everything has been cleared or give you a list of steps you need to take to satisfy the “Treatment Program” requirement. Once you have all requirements in this office cleared you will want to contact your local court clerk’s office.

The County Court Clerk

HERE:  See PA Court Clerk List

Once the PO office has given the “all clear” you should visit the Clerk of Courts for your county. They will ensure the proper Act 122 paperwork was sent from the PO and research any fines owed or other possible issues prior to sending the Act 122 paperwork off to PennDOT. They may also check to ensure there are no other cases pending or money owed to their court or other Pennsylvania courts. This may take a few weeks (each county is different) to have the proper documents transmitted to PennDOT. You should ensure you get a copy of the completed form being transmitted and review this record to be sure there are no errors with your information.


Once PennDOT receives the Act 122 paperwork from the court clerk they will process the release of the ACT 122. At the current time, PennDOT is behind in processing these records and you can expect this step may take a few weeks. If processing time takes longer than 30 days you should reach out to the Court Clerk again to see if a re-transmittal of the documents can help fix a stuck clearance.

PennDOT can be reached by calling (717) 787-2838

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