A gentleman called us thinking he had no options. He had his license suspended almost 18 years ago and didn’t know he was getting into such a big hole. He got a ticket for speeding that was lost when he moved. He never heard from that court again and forgot about the citation. Over a year later he got stopped because his vehicle registration expired and the officer let him know about the suspension by writing him a ticket for driving under suspension (PA vehicle code 1543A). When he called PennDOT to find out why his license was suspended they informed him that the old speeding ticket and the new ticket caused two indefinite suspensions. The PennDOT employee also explained that by paying the tickets the suspensions will go away. So this gentleman went to the original court and paid that citation, he also went to the court for the new ticket and paid that citation.

Thinking his license was now good, he drove home. That night he got stopped again and again the police officer said his license was suspended and gave him a ticket for driving under suspension (PA vehicle code 1543A). He went right into the magistrates office to pay this ticket. He also got a notice that his license was going to be suspended for one year for the first suspended driving violation. Not know what was going on, and getting frustrated with his situation he continued driving.

He had to drive, his work required him to be there every day, and he was the only one providing for his family! If he didn’t go he would lose his job, so he got stopped a few more times and paid some of the tickets but ignored the rest. Eventually he was stopped enough that a judge told him that he would have to serve jail time if he didn’t get this all straightened out. He stopped driving a little over 5 years ago and heard about our service this year.

We spoke to him on the 20th of May and cleaned everything up by that fall! The first step was getting all the documents from PennDOT and the courts to figure out what was going on. After reviewing the records and explaining to him exactly what happened, and why he was suspended, we got to work on fixing it all. After responding to some courts, then fixing some of the issues from ignoring the issues for so long, he had his ability to drive restored!


PA Suspended Drivers - Suspension Snowball