Pennsylvania ACT 107 of 2022

ACT 107 – Removing License Suspension For Prior Drug Violations

Sometime in the past few days, PennDOT has started changing records of anyone who was serving license suspension for drug-related violations. ACT 107 of 2022 required PennDOT to remove the suspension and adjust the record. In some cases, this makes a driver immediately eligible for full restoration of their Pennsylvania driver’s license.

PA ACT 107 letter to driver

ACT 107 of 2022 Letter

It has been a long battle. We said for many years these changes must be made retroactively to lift the suspensions. Although this ACT 107 change has not reached every driver, it is causing new issues. There is still confusion about what is required after you receive a notice of an adjusted record. The ACT 107 fact sheet is less helpful and does not provide specific details about your record. In addition to your full driving history, you must request a Restoration Requirements Letter to understand your current status fully. PennDOT provides the Restoration Requirements Letter for free through their website, and you can follow the link above to get more information about requesting this document.

Another issue seems to cause problems for anyone currently serving with a limited license. You may find issues restoring your license from a limited license after the ACT 107 of 2022 changes hit your driving record. If you currently have the Ignition Interlock System installed and get the ACT 107 notice, you should investigate your options. If you uninstall the interlock system too soon, you may find additional penalties that throw you back into the Suspension Snowball. We can help you avoid those situations and help you fully understand your options. Our new hire form can be found in the “Hire Us” link to the left.

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