Today is spring cleaning day! Clearing the winter dust from the windows, steam cleaning the carpets, and clearing those piles of papers from around the desk.

Our carpet cleaner came in with his heavy equipment today and the place looks and smells great. I can’t believe how quickly he was able to transform our carpet from being just a little dingy to bright and colorful.

Steamy Stuarts

License Restoration carpet cleaning


Our plans for this spring also include a fresh coat of pain in a office or two as well as changing out a florescent light fixture for something that does not flicker..ugh. A little office restoration if you will.  It’s amazing how much “stuff” collects over the winter and how much brighter the office is once that “stuff” is cleared out of the way.

Steamy Stuarts van at Restoration Office

Thank you for listening, now back to your regularly scheduled license restoration projects.