This person (J) came to us after being suspended since 1994 and suffered through a lot of confusing notices, conflicting information, and overall frustration. J eventually gave up and ignored everything due to the frustration of being told of no suspension time credit.

Shortly after J contacted our office we explained what needed to be done and why there was confusion in J’s record. We found a number of errors and put together a plan to fix the errors and remove the remaining 4 years & 2 months of license suspension by getting the credit date changed based on facts from the early 2000s…PennDOT ultimately agreed and less than a month later J was driving legally.

2015 Back Credit 1

You can see the Restoration Requirement Letters above outline the results of our work for J from October 2015. You should remember that everyone has a different record and different facts so give us a call and we will find out if you have been dealing with license suspension needlessly. Don’t just submit the DL-16 Acknowledgement Of Suspension and ignore it – find out how to FIX THIS!

A credit issue can keep you suspended longer than you expect, and there are very specific requirement in order to get your suspension clock running and credited. Even if PennDOT just informed you that you are not getting credit toward your suspension time it may not be all lost. Call us 610-355-9600 and see if we can get you driving again.

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