Driving Without A License

Pennsylvania is very strict about driving without a license and is forbidden by  Sec. § 1501. Drivers required to be licensed. Getting this traffic ticket is different than a Driving Under Suspension ticket, and has different rules that regulate the penalty and possible PA license suspension. If you are facing a license suspension for driving without a drivers license give License Restoration Services a call or send us an email. We can explain your options and may even be able to prevent your suspension time & get your license back.

PA Driving Without A License - Driving Law 1501a

You may hear the phrase “Driving Without A License” used instead of driving under suspension but remember that they are two different violations with different penalties. In PA, driving under suspension can carry a penalty of a year or more of suspension time, where driving without a license carries no suspension penalty for a first offence, and a year of suspension penalty for the second violation and beyond. The penalty for driving without a license is a fine ranging from $25 to $200. Remember that not carrying your license is not the same as driving without a license, and providing a current valid driver’s license to the officer or judge may prevent some or all of the penalty for the 1501a ticket.

License Restoration Services can help if you are currently suspended (or about to be) for driving without a license, and you should not just take this or any suspension time without knowing your options. Get in touch right away!

PA Suspended Drivers - Suspension Snowball