Special Speed Limitations / Active Work Zones 75-3365(c.1)

§ 3365. Special speed limitations.

Fine $35; if exceeding limit by more than 5 miles per hour, add $2 for every additional mile per hour, per Title 75 – §3365(d)(1)

Suspension of 15 days for exceeding posted speed limit in active work zone by 11 miles per hour or more, per Title 75 – §1535(e)(2).


§ 3365. Special speed limitations.

(c.1) Active work zones.–When passing through an active work zone, no person shall drive a vehicle at a speed greater than the posted limit. An official traffic-control device shall indicate the beginning and end of each active work zone to traffic approaching in each direction.

(d) Penalty.–

(1) Any person violating any provision of this section commits a summary offense and shall, upon conviction, be sentenced to pay:

(i) Except as set forth under subparagraph (ii), a fine of $35.
(ii) For a violation of subsection (b), a fine of not more than $500 if the person exceeds the maximum speed limit by more than 11 miles per hour.

(2) Any person exceeding a maximum speed limit established under this section by more than five miles per hour shall pay an additional fine of $2 per mile for each mile in excess of five miles per hour in excess of the maximum speed limit.

(Oct. 10, 1980, P.L.791, No.147, eff. imd.; Dec. 23, 2002, P.L.1982, No.229; Dec. 8, 2004, P.L.1791, No.237, eff. 150 days)

2004 Amendment. Act 237 amended subsec. (d).

2002 Amendment. Act 229 amended subsec. (b) and added subsec. (c.1), effective in 60 days as to subsec. (b) and six months as to the remainder of the section. See section 21 of Act 229 in the appendix to this title for special provisions relating to promulgation of guidelines to implement Act 229.