The Philadelphia Parking Authority has just released a system to allow parking violations to be fought through their online system. The system will allow you to present evidence of an improper ticket, even images. According to

The ability to appeal parking tickets online is the result of a City Council bill that passed in the spring and was sponsored by Councilman Bill Green. Before anyone who wanted to appeal a parking ticket had to show up for a BAA hearing.

As provided by Chapter 12-2800 of the Philadelphia Code (Traffic Code), disputes about parking tickets are resolved by the City of Philadelphia Bureau of Administrative Adjudication. This is the cities first step to changing the way the parking authority works.

PPA - Philadelphia parking Authority

The Philadelphia Parking Authority issues roughly 90% of The City of Philadelphia parking tickets. The Philadelphia Parking Authority is also responsible for the City’s parking meters, for issuing Parking Permits also for the setup and maintenance of parking regulatory signs. Under certain circumstances, ticket disputes involving matters that can be resolved by the records of the Parking Authority can be handled by the Parking Authority’s Parking Violations Branch (PVB). If your dispute involves a claim of a broken parking meter, or is that you had a valid parking meter kiosk receipt that should have covered the time when the ticket was issued, or that you had a valid permit for the location when the ticket was issued, your best approach would be to address the issue first with the Parking Violations Branch. To access the Parking Violations Branch’s web form for submitting that type of dispute, click here: PVB. You may also reach the Parking Violations Branch at 888-591-3636 or by mail to:

Parking Violations Branch
PO Box 41819
Philadelphia, PA 19101-1819

The website can be accessed at It was launched in cooperation with the Philadelphia Parking Authority. This website has instructions on how to file a dispute of your parking violation. Only time will tell if the Parking Authority will listen to residents who file these disputes and overturn bogus parking tickets, or if they will follow standard Parking Authority procedure and continue to draw a hard line insisting everyone is guilty.

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