Even if you never had a driver’s license, you can still have your license suspended!

I am constantly asked about how PennDOT can issue a license suspension when there was never a license issued, The answer is that your driving privilege is suspended, and the credit toward that suspension time will start once you are legally able to hold a license and you acknowledge that suspension to PennDOT.

Never had a license

So PennDOT does not care that you were 14 when that underage drinking citation was issued and you were hit with 90 days of suspension. It does not matter if you did not have a Pennsylvania license when you were charged with a drug violation. The fact that you were not licensed will not stop PennDOT from assigning a Pennsylvania ID number and putting that suspension time, or points, or any sanction, against your driving privilege and those sanctions can prevent you from getting a license at any point in the future.

That Pennsylvania ID number will follow you forever, and any time there are sanctions against your driving privilege it will be this number that will carry the record of those sanctions.

PA Suspended Drivers - Suspension Snowball