(Updated 07/2021) In Pennsylvania, if there is one constant with a license suspension it is the Restoration Fee that PennDOT requires to restore a driver’s license. The fees have increased again July 2021.

The Restoration Fee is most commonly $79 -$1000 (Updated 2021) and the amount PennDOT requires depends on the type of violation, the type of license you hold, and at times, how many suspensions you have.

Most Pennsylvania restoration fees are $79 and can be paid at any time during a license suspension. Your license will not be restored until the restoration fee is paid, but paying (and PennDOT accepting) the restoration fee does not mean your license is instantly restored. There may be other steps to restoration.

If you are suspended because of a no insurance charge, then your restoration fee will be $94 in addition to the 3 months of license suspension, and the same rules apply as above.

After a Chemical Test Refusal, it is now $518 for a first violation.

Your Restoration Requirements Letter will explain exactly how much your restoration fee is. You can either mail this fee in the form of a check or money order to PennDOT or you can pay online. If you have any questions, call License Restoration Services and I will be happy to go over what can be done to reduce your suspension and clear the restoration fee requirements.

PennDOT Restoration Fee

Pay your PennDOT restoration fee online.


It is important to remember that you can be stopped and given a ticket for driving under suspension, even if everything else is cleared from your driving record, but the restoration fee has not been paid. So make sure you pay your restoration fee and PennDOT has returned your license prior to driving or you could end up getting hit with additional suspension time and another restoration fee!

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