Even after selling her car to CarMax a California woman was issued a ticket for running a toll booth on the highway. She did the right thing and reported it to the DMV but CarMax fought the ticket and it ended up back in her hands and the state took money from her tax refund to pay the ticket.

From the article;

She thought the matter was handled, until she then received a letter from the the State Franchise Tax Board saying that it would be taking money out of her tax refund to pay for the ticket and late fees.

Just goes to show you need to stay on top of your driving record and all mail you get from the DMV. This letter stating her responsibility could have easily been overlooked and this mess may have gotten out of control. I see these missed notices resulting in everything from unneeded fines to license suspension, don’t ignore any notice from PennDOT and if you have questions about the tickets call me for help!

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