According to reports from around the web – including and ESPN stating that Jason Peters was arrested in Louisiana for drag racing (§ 3367. Racing on highways in PA) in his Camaro as well as fleeing a police officer .

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The high speed chase was reported at speeds over 100MPH

The Camaro exceeded speeds of 100 mph while the deputy was in pursuit. The Camaro then exited Interstate 20 at the Pecanland Mall exit. The Camaro finally stopped at the parking lot of 4209 Pecanland Mall Drive — the address for the shopping center that includes Target and Petco.

Drag racing is a serious violation and in Pennsylvania would result in a minimum of 6 months of license suspension and if this is his second violation as mentioned in The News Star article, he could be facing up to 6 months of jail in addition to the suspended drivers license.

In addition to the drag racing Peters was also charged with fleeing or eluding the officer who initiated the stop. In Pennsylvania a charge of fleeing or attempting to elude would bring about a minimum of 1 year of license suspension as well as $500 or more in fines.

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