A new agreement to allow Taiwan residents who hold a valid Taiwanese driver’s license to exchange their license for a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license has just been reached. According to the press release below this should make transitioning to Pennsylvania much easier for the Taiwan People who hold valid residency in PA.

From a popular USA Taiwan website;

Taiwan has a mature ICT industry and is rapidly developing its renewable energy industries. Taiwan’s top electronic manufacturing company, Foxconn, has a base in Harrisburg, and in November 2013 Foxconn announced plans to further invest US$30 million in the state in manufacturing. AE Polysilicon (AEP) and Solar Power Industries (SPI) also invested in solar energy industries close to Philadelphia. Enhancing trade ties with Taiwan will help Pennsylvania not only increase its exports to Taiwan, but also promote bilateral cooperation in innovation in renewable energy industries. Taiwan’s hi-tech sectors can effectively integrate R&D operations and supply chains stretching from Pennsylvania, via Taiwan, into Mainland China and Southeast Asia.

RELEASE – Ceremony Highlights International Agreement With Taiwan


Harrisburg, PA – Joined by Taiwanese government officials and State Senator Andrew Dinniman, (D) Chester County, PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards today
presided over a ceremonial signing of a reciprocal driver license agreement between PennDOT and Taiwan.

By acknowledging that Taiwan and Pennsylvania share comparable knowledge and driving skills requirements for non-commercial drivers, the agreement streamlines the exchange of valid, non-commercial driver’s licenses for applicants from Taiwan living in Pennsylvania and applicants from Pennsylvania living in Taiwan.

“This agreement not only symbolizes the mutual trust our governments have in one another, but also illustrates the concern we have for the safety of our citizens,” Richards said. “This action will help make life easier for our citizens making important transitions in their lives.”

Joining Richards in the ceremonial signing was Paul Wen-liang Chang, ambassador, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York.

The agreement allows for a citizen of Taiwan with a valid driver’s license to exchange it for a Pennsylvania driver’s license when he or she establishes legal residency in the state. The same holds true for a citizen of Pennsylvania who establishes residency in Taiwan. Applicable fees must be paid for the new licenses.

Pennsylvania’s exports to Taiwan totaled $409 million in 2014 and imports totaled $771 million. There are six Taiwanese companies located in Pennsylvania, and since 2003, 12 Pennsylvania companies have located in Taiwan.

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