When you have your license suspended it can be devastating. In an instant you may be faced with finding rides and having trouble just getting to work. To add to your problems, a little known rule prevents PennDOT from giving credit toward a license suspension until you take another step. You don’t have to suffer through the extra suspension time. Just call or email and we will fix this to get you driving again.

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As a Pennsylvania resident you are required to acknowledge your suspension by surrendering your valid driver’s license or a specific acknowledgement form (DL-16)

§ 1540.  Surrender of license.

(a)  Conviction of offense.

Upon a conviction by a court of competent jurisdiction for any offense which calls for mandatory suspension in accordance with section 1532 (relating to suspension of operating privilege), the court or the district attorney shall require the surrender of any driver’s license then held by the defendant and shall forward the driver’s license together with a record of the conviction to the department. The suspension shall be effective upon a date determined by the court or district attorney or upon the date of surrender of the license to the court or district attorney, whichever shall first occur.

Basically this law requires anyone convicted of a violation that causes suspension to turn in their license (along with any license product like motorcycle permits and address update cards) to start the clock toward that suspension time.

There are also a number of officials with authority to confiscate your license and are required to surrender that confiscated driver’s license to PennDOT. These officials should provide a DL-640 receipt of seized or surrendered driver’s license. See example of the DL-640 form below.

PA DL-640 Driver's License

Most people just want a fighting chance at recovery and a normal life. This setback can be a real life changing event by dragging out your license suspension longer than expected. You do not need to suffer any longer. Contact Us to find out how we can wipe away the suspension by getting you credit for the suspension time served.

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