In August 2017 a new law goes into effect that will allow more DUI offenders the ability to drive with a restricted license. This new limited license will be accessible by more drivers than ever. Even those with older DUI convictions who are still suffering through extended license suspension may now be eligible for the new Ignition Interlock Limited License as seen above.

New Restricted License Details

The restricted license requires the install of a breathalyzer in the vehicle to ensure the vehicle is operated with no alcohol in your system. These Ignition Interlock machines will take a sample of your breath before allowing you to start your car.

The new law grants DUI offenders access to this device to prevent serving true license suspension time.

This also applies to anyone who had a prior offense, although those with a prior offense may have to serve some suspension time before they would be able to apply for this new restricted license.


An individual must complete an Ignition Interlock License application and send it with the required fee to PennDOT to the address listed on the application. License Restoration Services can help with this application and prior to application ensure all requirements are met. There may be minor issues that prevent your application from being accepted and would require attention to correct to ensure a smooth application and IIL install.

Don’t expect a quick and easy application process. There are still many kinks to work out before PennDOT has the process down for everyone. There are more questions about who will qualify, when the application can be sent, and how long the process should take….we should have answers to those questions over the next few weeks.

Please contact us for more details on how to get us on your side for this new limited license application.

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