Fall season means tougher driving conditions.

No matter how you enjoy your pumpkins…as a drink, a pie, bread, or custard…with or without spice…please enjoy safely. Pumpkin season signals usually cooler weather, leaf camouflaged streets, and more activity from animals and loved ones. To complicate a drivers tasks even further you need to take into account earlier sunsets, more dramatic shadows, and a constant change of colors on top of the overactive child/deer population.

Please slow down, pay attention to the road, and drive safe.

Deer and Dear crossing safety raod signAs a youngster growing up in Pennsylvania our family of 5 would take frequent road trips with a favorite in-car time passing game of calling out deer crossing signs. Early on in the game, my silly father would also call what is commonly known as “Pedestrian Crossing” as his own version of “DEAR” crossing. Thinking about the object of both to slow down a driver and alert them to be more aware of their surroundings and the dear things that may be in the roadway. To this day I carry on this tradition with my son, I work to teach my son to slow down and take in the life that surrounds us.


School Zones are active!

School zones bring entirely new challenges to driving. With an active school zone, you will encounter a drastically reduced speed limit and volatile situation with children and parents scurrying to get in or out of school as quickly as possible…and you all have to work your way around large yellow buses navigating the same crisis. Your extra attention is REQUIRED in these positions to prevent a tragedy. PRO TIP – Use Vehicle Flashers When In Active School Zones ♥

School BusA few charges that you may be facing with active school zones.

Exceeding Speed Limit in School Zone 75-3365(b)

Failure to Stop for School Bus With Flashing Red Lights 75-3345(a)

Obedience to Traffic-Control Devices 75-3111(a)

Reckless Driving 75-3736

Halloween Night (October 31st)

Another tough spot for drivers as children fill the streets hopped up on sugar and stricken with limited visibility through those tiny eye holes and dark colors to ensure they look as evil as possible…in an effort to score more/better candy! As a driver in Pennsylvania, you need to be aware of your surroundings this night more than ever. This may just be a perfect storm of the dangers of fall driving. Another important note about Halloween 2017 – this year Halloween falls on a Tuesday, this means some communities may opt for Trick or Treat activities the weekend before or after October 31st. Make sure you are paying extra attention the prior and latter weekends or else you may find yourself in a sticky situation worse than gum stuck in your hair.

The entire team at License Restoration Services Inc wishes you and yours a happy and safe Autumn season.





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