Every year we see a great many clients who have some error on their Pennsylvania driving record that turns into serious issues like restoration fees and even driver’s license suspension. Then we hear the phrase, “I had no idea that was on my record.” Don’t let that happen to you!

These issues don’t even take into account the ramification for your Auto Insurance rates. It could be a simple mistake like a misspelled address or the wrong middle initial. Sometimes these mistakes can be more severe, like a ticket belonging to someone else, or mistaken calculation of suspension time with added points. There has been a significant increase in these errors by PennDOT over the last 18 months. So now, more than ever, checking your record is essential.

Even minor issues can jump up to bite you, cause major headaches, and lead to getting stuck in what we call ‘The Suspension Snowball’!

License Suspension Snowball

A simple mistake on your PA driving record can be serious and cause a suspended PA license.

A mistake in your address could prevent you from getting a notice from PennDOT – which leads to a license suspension for failing to respond – which leads to being stopped while driving with a suspended license you never knew about and adding years of suspension to your record.

If there’s an error with your name, tickets and violations that belong to someone else could wind up on your record. This series of events starts a chain reaction that will ultimately lead to a suspended PA license and cause you more trouble down the line with your employer, your family, and your friends. We have clients who moved away decades ago who struggled to correct these issues. We had to jump through many hoops to finally get them relief.

With the growing changes to the driver’s license laws in PA over the last few years, it’s easy to get trapped in what feels like a snowball effect with no way out, and PennDOT is no help.

How to prevent errors on your PA Driving Record – and prevent these issues from snowballing.

We suggest that you check your driving record yearly to ensure nothing has been added, and all the information is correct. If there is an error, it is much easier to correct before everything else is piling on you, causing these more significant issues and license suspension. Sadly, the state does not provide driving records free of charge. You’ll have to pay $11 for the privilege of reviewing your file.

There are a few suggested ways to request your driving record…in all cases make sure you are requesting your FULL Driving History (not the 3-year or 10-year record).

Request your PA Driving Record from PennDOT

1) Go online to PennDOT. PennDOT charges $11 to request your record this way. You’ll be able to view and save a copy instantly.
2) Visit your local Online Messenger Service/Tag Store/Notary. These services may be “online” with PennDOT, and they can pull your record instantly. They do charge a fee for their service, and you should expect it to be slightly more than the $11 state fee.
3) Mail your request to PennDOT with the $11 using the Driver Information Request Form (DL-503). This form requires some time for PennDOT to process and mail back to you.

A few other records you can request with form DL-503

Documents Available:

  • Citations
  • Ignition Interlock Removal Letter
  • Court Certifications
  • Suspension/Revocation Letters
  • Applications
  • Restoration Letters
  • License Renewals
  • Rescind Letters
  • Judgments
  • Department Hearing or Exam Notice
  • Suspension Credit Affidavits

However you choose to request your Full Driver History… make sure you do it. You’ve heard for years from credit experts that you should regularly check your credit report for mistakes and errors. The same goes for your driving record. It can have a significant impact on you if you don’t take care of it regularly.

What to do if you find Driver Record errors or discover your PA license is suspended.

You can contact us at License Restoration Services, Inc. for help. License Restoration Services is an agency solely dedicated to helping drivers with Pennsylvania license issues. We will either help clear errors or find the best solution to driving again safely in the shortest time. We can find and fix mistakes and we continuously work to remove and reduce suspension time to get you out from under that Suspension Snowball. If you find errors, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck. We are here to help!

PA License Suspension Help

License Restoration Services

Have a happy and safe 2020!

PA Suspended Drivers - Suspension Snowball