If you are facing a license suspension we need to find out what caused the license suspension, and there are many reasons why a license can be suspended. Please rememberPPA - Philadelphia parking Authority that Parking Tickets will never cause a suspension of your Pennsylvania drivers license.

According to the PennDOT website;

If you are issued six or more parking tickets or citations from the Philadelphia Parking Authority and have failed to pay or defaulted in payment of the tickets or citations your vehicle registration will be indefinitely suspended (1379-A) upon notification from Philadelphia Parking Authority to PennDOT.

An additional vehicle registration suspension (1379-D) will be imposed if an additional parking ticket(s) is received while your registration is suspended under Section 1379(A).

All payments of tickets must be made to the Philadelphia Parking Authority only. All questions regarding these tickets or citations must be directed to the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

The vehicle registration suspension will remain in effect until clearing the tickets with the Philadelphia Parking Authority and all other applicable requirements for the registration restoration are satisfied.

A Registration Suspension Letter will be mailed to you indicating that you are required to pay a $50 restoration fee before the registration is restored. The restoration fee will be paid to the Philadelphia Parking Authority at the time the tickets are paid.

I also wrote recently about being able to fight Philly parking tickets online, without a hearing. If you have a vehicle registration suspension because of parking tickets you should look into that option to clear the hold on your registration.

If your driver’s license is suspended you can always call me and we can discuss what is actually keeping your license suspended because we know it’s not parking tickets.

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