A common question asks “Can I drive a scooter or electric bike during my license suspension in PA?”

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The short answer is “NO” – You are required to hold a valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License to operate any motor vehicle on any property public or private in this Commonwealth. So operating a scooter, moped, or electric bike once your driver’s license is suspended is illegal.

But, you don’t need a license to operate a scooter under 50cc!! – Or do you?

Scooter Moped laws in PA


So don’t be trapped into the “DUI Bike” or buy an electric scooter thinking you can drive that during your suspension term. This will only get you in more trouble with PennDOT and the state because driving on a suspended license, even if driving a scooter, still leads to another year or more of suspension time. Especially considering that we may be able to get your full Pennsylvania license restored or get you driving with a limited license.

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§ 1501. Drivers required to be licensed.
(a) General rule.–No person, except those expressly exempted, shall drive
any motor vehicle upon a highway or public property in this Commonwealth
unless the person has a driver’s license valid under the provisions of this
chapter. As used in this subsection, the term “public property” includes, but
is not limited to, driveways and parking lots owned or leased by the
Commonwealth, a political subdivision or an agency or instrumentality of

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