Starting January 1st 2015 the restoration fees being charged by PennDOT have gone up. What used to be $25 and $50 restoration fee are now $70 & $88 depending on what caused the license suspension.

PA Restoration Fee


§ 1960.  Reinstatement of operating privilege or vehicle registration.

The department shall charge a fee of $70 or, if section 1379 (relating to suspension of registration upon sixth unpaid parking violation in cities of the first class) or 1786(d) (relating to required financial responsibility) applies, a fee of $88 to restore a person’s operating privilege or the registration of a vehicle following a suspension or revocation.

The fees the department charged prior to this increase have been in place for years so an increase is due. That does not mean there will not be a shock when reading your Restoration Requirements Letter and you see what used to be a $25 restoration fee is now $70 or more.

To check or pay your restoration fee you can visit the PennDOT online services page and begin by requesting your free Restoration Requirement Letter.

Pay PennDOT Restoration Fee

You should know that even if your suspension terms are over and you are eligible to have your driver’s license restored, you can not drive and are not considered restored until any restoration fees have been paid and credited by PennDOT.

PA Suspended Drivers - Suspension Snowball