Find out more about the Occupational Limited Work License

OLL Application for Work License

The updated PennDOT Fact Sheet outlining eligibility for the Limited Work License is linked from the bottom of this page. This fact sheet will answer questions and help determine if you will qualify for a license to work during your license suspension. It can help clear up common questions about getting a work license like;

  • Will a second DUI disqualify me from a work license?
  • Can I get a license to work for a drug charge suspension?
  • Can I get the Bread and Butter License to work so I can pay my fines?

The application for the Work License can take some time to complete and can get confusing. There are many little issues that can cause delays, headaches, and denial of your application.

Don’t take that chance when your job, your family, and your life depend on it.
Let us handle the application for you! We will get it done quickly, correctly, and have you driving legally saving you time and hassle.

OLL Work License Fact Sheet

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