How to avoid the “Suspension Snowball”

Stay Out Front – Check your driving record regularly. Requesting a driving record from PennDOT on a regular basis will help avoid errors or allow you to correct them much faster…before they turn into major problems. The best place to start would be to get a copy of your Restoration Requirements Letter.

Read Everything
 A) Always open your mail. PennDOT and the courts will send notices for everything they do. The most common reason for getting mixed up in the “Suspension Snowball” is a missed action YOU needed to complete.
B) Make sure you update your address with PennDOT. The Department of Motor Vehicles prohibits forwarding mail. Even if you have a forward order with the Post Office, the mail will be returned to PennDOT, and you may miss vital information.
 C) Some of these driver’s records can get confusing, and some are only good if you have access to other documents. Don’t be afraid to ask questions….and GET HELP!

Stop the Snowball

Get Help – You can’t follow common sense or what you believe to be correct…once you find yourself in the “Suspension Snowball,” it is much tougher to get relief and get away from the mess bearing down on you. I’ve been helping people like you get out from under this trap for a long time, and I can save a lot of time and aggravation.

It’s Not Easy – You should know this will require some work…work from you and work from us. Our mission is ensuring you know and understand every step as we work toward your license restoration. Each step fo the way we are right there to help. Even though we are can handle anything related to your Pennsylvania Driver’s License, there will be steps that you need to take along the way.

Fighting Time – In Pennsylvania, credit toward serving your suspension does not begin until you acknowledge your suspension with PennDOT. This suspension credit requirement could cause you to waste months or years of time until you take the right step to get your credit started….or start the clock running on suspension time. Don’t make the mistake of waiting….thinking your suspension will just go away. It won’t!

Contact License Restoration Services

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PA Suspended Drivers - Suspension Snowball