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PennDOT Restoration Fee Increased In 2015

Starting January 1st 2015 the restoration fees being charged by PennDOT have gone up. What used to be $25 and $50 restoration fee are now $70 & $88 depending on what caused the license suspension.   § 1960.  Reinstatement of … Continue reading

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5 Years of Suspension Wiped Away In One Month

Client “C” came to me with almost 5 years of license suspension in Pennsylvania. His driving record was a mess with old tickets from all over. Things did not sound good at first, but after our investigation we found a PennDOt … Continue reading

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Can I Drive A Moped Or Electric Bike In Pennsylvania?

A common question asks “Can I drive a scooter or electric bike during my license suspension in PA?” The short answer is “NO” – You are required to hold a valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License to operate any motor vehicle on … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning at Our Office

Today is spring cleaning day! Clearing the winter dust from the windows, steam cleaning the carpets, and clearing those piles of papers from around the desk. Our carpet cleaner came in with his heavy equipment today and the place looks … Continue reading

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Proposed PA Bill To Make Probationary License More Accessible

According to the Pennsylvania Senate website there is a proposed bill to modify the Probationary License application requirements and shorten the minimum wait times before a suspended driver can access the restricted license through PennDOT. Reducing the time that must … Continue reading

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PennDOT Restoration Fee

In Pennsylvania if there is one constant with a license suspension it is the Restoration Fee that PennDOT requires to restore a driver’s license. The Restoration Fee is most commonly $25 -$100 and the amount PennDOT requires depends on the … Continue reading

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