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5 Years of Suspension Wiped Away In One Month

Client “C” came to me with almost 5 years of license suspension in Pennsylvania. His driving record was a mess with old tickets from all over. Things did not sound good at first, but after our investigation we found a PennDOt … Continue reading

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Can I Drive A Moped Or Electric Bike In Pennsylvania?

A common question asks “Can I drive a scooter or electric bike during my license suspension in PA?” The short answer is “NO” – You are required to hold a valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License to operate any motor vehicle on … Continue reading

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Back To School

September marks the beginning of a new school year for most of Pennsylvania, so it is time to be aware that buses, school zones, and children will be active during the normal morning and afternoon times. School zones have reduced … Continue reading

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Philly #2 and Pittsburgh #12 Worst Drivers

That’s right! The City Of Philly has ranked second overall in the report of America’s Worst Drivers! Pittsburgh comes in at number twelve on the same list. The news site compiled the list from a number of different sources. … Continue reading

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The Philadelphia Traffic Court – NOW CLOSED

  As of today the Philadelphia Traffic Court will no longer exist. Governor Corbett signed the bill that ordered the Traffic Court duties to be done by the Philadelphia Municipal Court. Effective immediately, Traffic Court functions are under the supervision … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Police Using Traffic Stops To Review Immigration Status

Traffic stops become immigration stops in Delaware Valley Newsworks Article Benjamin can’t get a driver’s license because he arrived in the country illegally eleven years ago. A state trooper marked an “X” on his windshield and directed him to a … Continue reading

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City changes signs then tickets cars parked legally prior to sign swap.

Parking tickets are a pain, but when you do everything to avoid getting a ticket, but the city changes the rules on you moments after you park, is that really fair? City issues parking ticket after changing signs  

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Parking Tickets in Philly Do Not Cause License Suspension

If you are facing a license suspension we need to find out what caused the license suspension, and there are many reasons why a license can be suspended. Please remember that Parking Tickets will never cause a suspension of your Pennsylvania drivers license. … Continue reading

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Woman Hit With Traffic Ticket For Car She Sold Months Ago

Even after selling her car to CarMax a California woman was issued a ticket for running a toll booth on the highway. She did the right thing and reported it to the DMV but CarMax fought the ticket and it ended up … Continue reading

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Proposed PA Bill To Make Probationary License More Accessible

According to the Pennsylvania Senate website there is a proposed bill to modify the Probationary License application requirements and shorten the minimum wait times before a suspended driver can access the restricted license through PennDOT. Reducing the time that must … Continue reading

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